GEODESIAL Group was founded at the end of 2016 as a result of GEOMENSURA SAS and GEOMEDIA SAS joining forces. These two strong brands have been acknowledged by professionals for more than forty years. Together, they make GEODESIAL Group the leader on the French market for geomatic engineering, urban planning, landscape design and engineering for major transportation infrastructure.

“Firmly focused on the future, GEODESIAL Group provides solutions to environmental and societal challenges with a view to building tomorrow’s towns and infrastructure in a sustainable manner.”

The Group’s core businesses and strengths

  • Design and publication of software solutions.
  • Business expertise of developers, IT specialists and engineers.
  • Efficient and productive business solutions for all market players: urban planning, geomatic engineering, transportation infrastructure, all aspects concerning the development of the urban environment and mobility.
  • Relevant solutions to environmental and societal challenges with a view to building tomorrow’s towns and infrastructure in a sustainable manner.

A team of experts and high-quality related services:

  • ✔️ Technical support
  • ✔️ Maintenance
  • ✔️ Operational maintenance of all solutions
  • ✔️ Training
  • ✔️ Client assistance
  • ✔️ Audits
  • ✔️ Expert advice
  • ✔️ Sales management

The Group also develops solutions to optimise buildings’ interactions within their environment, district and town or city, in line with CIM or LIM requirements.

  • GEOMENSURA SAS is a 100% French software company and market leader that owns its own graphics engine. The company has a background in public works, earthwork, sanitation and infrastructure.
  • GEOMEDIA SAS is also a 100% French software company with a background in geomatics (topography) and urban planning. The company is also a partner of AUTODESK: the leading global publisher of CAD and BIM software.

Key figures

GEODESIAL Group is currently an established leader on the French and French-speaking markets with a 75% market share thanks to its top-level software solutions for industry professionals. To successfully execute this ambitious business plan, David Le Roux partnered with the Keensight Capital investment fund.

  • 2017: €18 million in turnover
  • 2020: €25 million in turnover
  • 90 employees: 60 staff members split between the long-standing sites in Nantes and Brest. Around ten employees in other regions, a R&D unit in Hungary, a site in Canada and a subsidiary in Switzerland.
  • 2020- 2024 investment plan: Double-digit growth target, with a turnover objective of at least €35 million by 2024, excluding external growth, i.e. a 10% annual growth rate.
  • R&D accounts for €1.4 million per year. These are primarily investments in people and include the incorporation of a start-up. The Group is working to invest in France with a view to securing the country’s expertise over the long term.

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