Message from the Chairman

“In 2016, I took over a group with two separate companies, one based in Nantes, GEOMENSURA SAS, and the other in Brest, GEOMEDIA SAS. From that time, I have endeavoured to introduce a new dynamic to generate genuine synergy and meaningful complementarity between our employees. In particular, I sought to offer a participative management style between the sites with a view to promoting expertise, soft skills and innovation capacity and pooling ideas. While respecting their history and unique features, the teams challenged each other through a healthy form of competition, to give the best of themselves and build their joint future together. This was the first key step in becoming the French market leader in geomatic engineering, urban planning, landscape design and engineering for major transportation infrastructure today.

“The leader on the French market for geomatic engineering, urban planning, landscape design and engineering for major transportation infrastructure” 

Our job is to assist the major French groups in the construction and public works and engineering industries which represent our country worldwide. I decided to partner with an investment fund to give us the necessary resources to reach these ambitious goals.

We weathered the crisis, retaining all our employees and maintaining all our operational solutions. Together, we lived up to our clients’ expectations on all levels.
Thanks to the active involvement and unfailing motivation of our employees, we are now able to grow and scale up. GEODESIAL Group has set itself some bold international development ambitions to become a European and even global leader.

Despite the current economic and health situation, our drive is to maintain double-digit growth by leveraging the recruitment of new talents, developers and IT experts, and through external growth.  In this respect, we have opportunities to leverage our workforce, not only in France in general but in Western France in particular. I am delighted by this as I am very fond of the region.

keensight capital a investi dans Geodesial group

Partnering with Keensight Capital guarantees us strong long-term profitability while allowing us to continue to invest. This is necessary if we are to expand into international markets and meet digital construction challenges. We are therefore continuing to invest in people. In particular, we give them time to make progress through a project-based organisation. The stakes are high. We must prepare our innovations: we must modularise and work on interoperability, on cloud licences and on translating and adapting our solutions to the international market. In addition, we have a real responsibility regarding the security of our software and we will meet this requirement.

The results are already there to see, we are making progress with our fundamentals and on the consolidation of our results. We have the means to achieve this because there is robust room for growth. Beyond the corporate strategy, our employees fully endorse the project. They are its driving force and contribute to its achievement on a daily basis through their energy and motivation in a warm atmosphere based on trust. Thanks to its employees, GEODESIAL Group is now a strong company boasting long-term profitability which has the opportunity to experience an incredible human adventure”.

David Le Roux