Name of the beneficiary: Geomensura Kft.

Project title: Point cloud innovation at Geomensura Kft

Amount of contracted support: HUF 35.622.395

Aid intensity: 65.21%

Project completion date: 30.11.2020.
Project identification number: 2018-1.1.1-MKI-2018-00129

Project description:

The aim of the project is to make point cloud management easier.
In practice, point clouds can contain a lot of data, even hundreds of millions of points. Managing them requires new procedures and algorithms from modern software.

The speedup has more major directions:

  • Filtering the points in order to keep only the relevant ones. Points that do not modify the surface significantly, or out of our interest by a certain parameter, can be eliminated.
  • Other way of improving the point cloud treatment is to use parallel processing wherever it’s possible. Parallelism is possible in the algorithms executed by the CPU or the GPU. The number of cores (threads) of the CPUs are increasing nowadays but the development in case of the GPUs is even more evident.
  • As the raw computing power of the GPUs is greater than that of the CPUs, we can also gain from migrating the computation from the CPU to the GPU, applying the GPGPU – General-purpose computing on graphics processing units – paradigm.